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Before The Work Begins

When starting a project of any kind, it is important to assess your needs accurately before scoping contractors to complete the work.

Specifically, it’s particularly important to ensure that you are scouting licensed plumbers that are qualified and licensed within the state in which they are performing services.

Securing a team of licensed professionals should be a necessary requirement before beginning any work, as this will ensure coding compliance is adhered to in order to avoid costly repairs and potential unnecessary fines after the project has been completed.

For commercial plumbing projects, hiring a team that clearly indicates a breadth of industry knowledge is integral to the success of the work.

While The Work Is In Progress

In many cases, most companies find that they’ve started with an initial scope of work that increases, or changes, as the team begins progress onsite. This may be common, but to avoid overwhelming pitfalls, it is recommended to hire a team of contractors that are well-versed across various project types; this will help to establish their experience and to provide a level of foresight on what to expect as the project progresses. 

Observing the details and next steps before arriving to each individual phase of work is paramount to managing costs and remaining within budget.

Lastly, in any project, whether commercial or otherwise, it proves effective to have alternative plans in the event that the project completion needs rerouting—financially and logistically.

With the right team of professionals in place, there is a greater likelihood of total satisfaction in the outcome of the work.

Consideration For Your Next Project

At North Bay Platinum Plumbing, we have over twenty years of experience in commercial plumbing and new construction projects. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and available to provide plumbing support and installation for new structures in both commercial and residential work. Whether new or existing commercial property, new home builds, or multi-unit residential needs, we have the experience to understand and comply with building codes for water, sewer, and all other plumbing installations to deliver the quality work that you value and appreciate.