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In 2020, we’ve all been met with significant challenge in the wake of our global health crisis known as COVID-19. 

The pandemic has caused us to change the way in which we live and work, and there are safety protocols and regulations which we must all adhere to in support of our collective health.

As the year has progressed and everyone continues to acclimate and adapt accordingly, work projects continue on and, as professionals, we must be cautious to observe health regulations and sanitization standards.

The same recommendations apply from prior to COVID-19 to now, and include some of the following:

  • Ensure your potential contractor is licensed and has a reputation for high-quality work.

It’s always good business practice to review licenses and certifications to help guarantee professional, expert knowledge specific to your plumbing needs and overall project.

  • Establish transparent and frequent communication for scope of work, budget, and timing deadlines.
  • Determine technical standards for services to be performed relating to plumbing equipment used by your (potential) contractor.

Lastly, during this time and season of life with COVID-19 as a reality, it is important to consider and be certain that the team you hire to complete your plumbing work on your commercial, or residential, project is following protocol for:

  • Safe, physical distancing of at least six feet between others on-site.
  • Mask-wearing at all times to help prevent potential exposure.
  • Hand sanitization and frequent cleaning protocols for surfaces touched after services have been performed in a single duration of time and continually over entire project.
  • Depending on the nature of your project, crew size, and facility size in which services are being done, having designated entry and exit points for your team of contractors is important in mitigating potential cross-contamination. This could mean specific door(s) for entry and exit, in addition to separate restrooms for cohorts of the same individuals over the entire course of the work, if possible.

Being proactive by setting up a system that carefully and thoughtfully considers logistics, spacing, and caretaking while on the job is helpful to not only your contractors, but also to you-increasing productivity and efficiency. Posting CDC-approved signage throughout working facilities is also suggested as reminders of enforced safety measures.

In merely a starting guide, this is not an exhaustive list but includes a few guided suggestions for finding a team of plumbing technicians that produce quality work during COVID-19. 

Integral to this primary goal is having consistent, forward-thinking communication as well as implementation of current safety protocols to recommend conduct during project progress through to completion.

Here at North Bay Platinum Plumbing, we adhere to safety regulations and protocols on all work project sites. We strive to consistently prioritize the health and safety of our crew members and client community to the best of our ability. For more information on our offerings, breadth of experience, and more, we recommend visiting our Services page.