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1. Choose a contractor that specializes in commercial plumbing.

When beginning your commercial project, finding a team of professionals that specialize, and have experience, in commercial plumbing is critical to the success of the work. Establishing the ability to manage the scope of work and intricacies found in commercial projects is paramount. This can be done by simply choosing to only scout contractors that specialize in commercial plumbing projects, as this ensures they will have knowledge of, and follow, state codes in services performed.

2. Request review of credentials such as licenses and certifications.

It is highly recommended to request review of licenses, and any certifications, to ensure professional credibility of the commercial plumbing company in consideration. Most licensed contractors will include their license number in any written, or online, communication with you—in addition to also having it visible on their website.

3. Selecting a vendor with a clear quote and estimation process.

After selecting the potential vendor for your commercial plumbing project, they will assess your project and present a quote and estimation for the work to be done. This particular process must be met with reasonable standards and expectations on both ends. On your part, as the consumer, understand this process as an initial estimation that could potentially change as the scope of the work is managed. For example, unforeseen work must sometimes be done in support of the overall project. While this is not always the case, it is common and should be met by both parties with transparency, clear communication, and resolution next steps. This will ensure that as the work progresses, all are aware of how the cost and timeframe is impacted.

4. Confirm Use Of Top-Quality Plumbing Equipment

Another factor to consider in choosing a commercial plumbing contractor is the type of products they use to execute their services. The use of top-quality plumbing products proves effective and useful in the longevity of the work. It is a fair suggestion that using quality equipment helps to reduce the likelihood of plumbing issues and pending repairs in the future after your project has been completed.

5. Expect accountability by asking for a service guarantee.

It is good business practice to look beyond the completion of the project by establishing steps for follow-up in the event of issues. Any reliable and trustworthy plumbing contractor will extend a service guarantee on their work—even if within a specified timeframe. This can be done in the form of contractual agreement or can simply be outlined in the project terms for the total scope of work, including guarantee and any reasonable aftercare. 

In conclusion, we thoroughly recommend consideration of these five factors when hiring a commercial plumbing contractor. This will help to ensure your selection of a reliable, professional team that will deliver value in quality services.

At North Bay Platinum Plumbing, we have over twenty years of experience in commercial plumbing and new construction projects. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and available to provide plumbing support and installation for new structures in both commercial and residential work. Whether new or existing commercial property, new home builds, or multi-unit residential needs, we have the experience to understand and comply with building codes for water, sewer, and all other plumbing installations to deliver the quality work that you value and appreciate.