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Beginning a new construction project can seem daunting when searching for trusted, licensed contractors. Whether you are planning construction for a new, or existing, commercial property, it is important to hire a quality team that specializes in commercial work; this will ensure they understand and can identify your plumbing needs specific to your commercial project.

The plumbing process is critical, and essential, to the success of any new construction undertaking. And there are important factors to consider when searching for contractors to help complete the work. From project estimation, installation, and service guarantee, partnering with the right company from the start will help to increase the likelihood of total satisfaction with the overall experience.

Determine their experience.

This process should include review of any licenses and certifications, in addition to online testimonials relating to their work and services performed in past projects. Such information is typically readily available on company websites and business applications like Google and Yelp.

Ensure compliance with safety standards and local protocols for all services.

When researching plumbing contractors for your new construction project, there is a reasonable amount of safety risk involved in dealing with potentially dangerous materials, in addition to the consideration for safety conduct on the job. Ensure the team you’ve selected to perform the work is licensed, bonded, and insured as good business practice and confirm their compliance and commitment to the health and safety of everyone.

Establish top-quality equipment used for installation and service guarantee for future.

Working with a reliable team of contractors is ultimately important to having a favorable project outcome and experience from start-to-finish. Establish open communication with your vendor throughout the installation process to confirm that work is being performed according to the servicing agreement, using the equipment that you expect to promote operational longevity. During the hiring and on boarding process, be upfront with inquiring about service guarantee and expectations for follow-up in the event of issues, or servicing needs, following work completion.

At North Bay Platinum Plumbing, we have over twenty years of experience in commercial plumbing and new construction projects. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and available to provide plumbing support and installation for new structures in both commercial and residential work. Whether new or existing commercial property, new home builds, or multi-unit residential needs, we have the experience to understand and comply with building codes for water, sewer, and all other plumbing installations to deliver the quality work that you value and appreciate.